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Egg-cellent Easter treats for all the family

Looking for something a bit different for this Easter? How about this super little bunny rabbit? How adorable is this little bunny? No wonder Mummel Big Lop Rabbit is a favourite with children and adults alike, sitting there with those big floppy ears.

Or how about this Steiff Poppel rabbit instead? Great big feet, a super face, fluffy bob-tail and a chubby little tummy, Poppel would make a great Easter present for anyone, young or old.


Mothers Day Gift Ideas 

In the UK and Ireland Mothers day gives sons and daughters the perfect opportunity to remind our mothers how much they mean to us. Teddy bears offer an unrivalled and unique gift idea which inherently provides ideal presents for Mothers day. Delightful, warm, cuddly gifts that Mum will treasure for years, a constant reminder of the special place her children keep for her in their hearts.

When looking for an ideal Mothers day gift, the aim is to provide a gift that encapsulates the depth of feeling we have for our precious mothers. A teddy bear is the perfect choice as it reflects the endearing nature and appeal of our mothers whilst being cuddly and eminently adorable.

Why not treat your Mum to this lovely Steiff Elmar teddy bear. Traditional styled Elmar teddy bear is fully jointed, with posable arms, legs and head. Stand him up, sit him down, or lay him in bed.

Or how about Sissi, a sweet little mohair hand-made teddy bear with a pretty collar. Just the sort of teddy to melt Mums heart this Mothers Day.

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